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Substance Collection - Papier Maché Box (Medium)

Substance Collection - Papier Maché Box (Medium)

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Made in Kashmir in partnership with traditional Sakhta-saazi (raw papier maché shaping and forming) artisans, the Substance Collection celebrates the natural look and texture of Papier Maché. 

Substance Collection is a set of extremely light-weight boxes, bowls and containers meant for various uses around the home. The stone grey-black colour is the result of adding powdered charcoal to the paper pulp during the making process. All tools, moulds and additives used to produce the collection have been sourced locally. 

As a project strategy, the idea behind the collection has also been to empower and distinguish the papier maché form maker as an independent producer of finished goods from the hand-painting artists, who have almost always treated the papier maché maker as a raw material supplier.

'Substance Collection' is part of an ensemble of products created as part of the Commitment to Kashmir initiative supported by Dastkar, CDI and Titan Company Ltd. The products are result of a two year interaction with skilled Kashmiri craftspeople, allowing them to approach new, contemporary markets in India and the world.

The collection won the EDIDA (Elle Deco International Design Award) India in 2019 in the Kitchen category.

Material: Papier Maché (with powdered charcoal)

Size: 100 mm (diameter of lid) x 110 mm (height on table) +/- 5mm

Care: Not for moist or wet usage. Wipe with a soft dry cloth if needed.

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