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Secrets Box (Oblate)

Secrets Box (Oblate)

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A tree hides a million secrets in the rings of its skin, in its fairy-tale hollows and in the dance of its dappled shade. Inspired by these very secrets of trees, the Secrets series of boxes invite you to contain within them, some of your very own.

Store anything from jewellery to coins, keys, small treasures or even that special shell you found on the beach. Better still, never tell.

Turned by hand from the grained wood of the eucalyptus tree, each Secrets box is different from the other in its own special way. The natural marks of the trees and their makers have deliberately been left exposed, yet finished with a subtle wax rub. The spherical form helps emphasise on and celebrate the wood grain.  

Size: Outer Approx. 95mm Dia. x 70mm Ht. Inner Approx. 75mm Dia x 50mm Ht. / Dimensions are approximations upto +/- 5mm.

Care: Avoid direct contact with water. Allow the wood to absorb marks of use and age naturally.

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