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Rouf Chaubara Bidriware Vase

Rouf Chaubara Bidriware Vase

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The ROUF CHAUBARA VASE is a new direction of work that aims to highlight the craftsman's identity onto the product as the main ornamentation.
Made in the craft form of Bidriware, the vase is inlaid in silver with a prominent signature of its award winning maker (Mohd. Abdul Rouf). Next to his name is a simplified icon of a well known historical monument (Chaubara) located near his workshop in Bidar, Karnataka.
Mohammed Abdul Rouf is a master craftsman and guardian of the Bidri craft. He is a national award winner and a recipient of the Shilpguru award, the highest craft honour of India.
Combining a sense of the maker and place of origin in the product builds a connection with the eventual user of the vase, perhaps also acting as a time-marker in the practice of the 500 year old craft. The form of the vase is made using the hollow core-casting method, which is then inlaid and force oxidised to a deep black using special soil found in the sun-deprived interiors of Bidar fort. 

Material: Zinc alloy, Silver

Size: 75 mm (diameter) x 93 mm (height on table) Mouth: 28 mm (+/- 2 mm)

Note: Dimensions may vary very slightly from piece to piece. Silver shall portray a tendency to tarnish. This is natural and a sign of its authenticity. Pieces may exhibit minute marks of their handcrafted process.

Care: Silvo® or Brasso® may be used to polish silver inlaid areas, though there is appreciable beauty in simply letting the effect be. 

Price shown is only for one vase.

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