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Pebble Paperweight (Dots)

Pebble Paperweight (Dots)

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As long as paper holds more charm than pixels, paperweights shall continue to be true desktop friends. The Pebble Dots paperweight is inspired by our habit of collecting rocks and pebbles on walks along rivers, lakes and beaches. 

Use it for the obvious, or simply let it find its own favourite spot on your desk.

This Pebble paperweight is made in partnership with award winning Bidri craftspeople of Karnataka in Southern India. Bidri metal-craft involves the inlay of pure silver onto the surface of a cast nickel alloy and its subsequent oxidation to a rich black colour, a process that dates back to ancient Persia.

Material: Zinc alloy, Silver

Size: 44mm (width) x 74mm (length) x 20mm (height/thickness on table) +/- 2mm

Note: Dimensions may vary slightly from piece to piece. Silver shall portray a tendency to tarnish. This is natural and a sign of its authenticity. Pieces may exhibit marks of their handcrafted process.

Care: Avoid continued contact with water.

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