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Love Always Rubber Stamp

Love Always Rubber Stamp

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When it comes to gifts and writing messages, it helps to have some assistance at hand. Even though we recommend you write it patiently in your own hand, the Love Always rubber stamp manages to convey your greeting in a fast, good looking sort of way. Dab the stamp onto a stamp-pad colour of your choice, check that the ink has transferred evenly and stamp gently onto a surface of your choice. 

Turned from eucalyptus wood, the spherical handle is painted in glossy yellow. The rubber stamp itself is made of durable polymer resin that shall last for years even with continued use.

Size: 62 mm ht. x 50 mm dia. approx. / Stamp impression 45 mm dia. / Stamp pad is not included in the purchase / We recommend Faber Castell® 110 mm x 69 mm stamp pads.

Care: Avoid water contact on wood. Stamp with gentle force, avoid loud thumps. Always wipe rubber area clean before switching stamp colour/pad.

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