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Hand-forged Iron J-Hook (Small)

Hand-forged Iron J-Hook (Small)

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This hand-forged iron J-hook is from a local bazaar in the older neighbourhoods of Varanasi city. It is predominantly used in old houses and constructions where it complements the rustic ambience and way of life. Specifically, this one finds use as a plumbing support, a bracket to grip and hold water pipes against a wall. Though newer industrially made alternatives are now available, the J-hook and other such objects of utility still have a market.

The J form of the hook may find innovative use in and around the house. Or perhaps simply as a paperweight on the desk.

TWF Picks is a selection of ordinary objects sourced from the bazaars and markets of India. Each object speaks of the culture and tradition of the place it is found in. Some of the objects are at the end of their regular existence and making tradition. Being replaced either by badly made versions or in some cases being totally replaced by cheap plastic alternatives. TWF Picks is a way of making them available to an audience beyond their place of origin. Perhaps in the hope that this may prolong the memory of their existence and highlight the beauty of their ordinary-ness.  

Material: Hand-forged Iron. Uncoated, unpolished.

Size: 90mm x 45mm (Can vary +/- 5mm)

Note: Dimensions will vary from piece to piece. Iron will tend to rust. Pieces will exhibit marks of their handcrafted process.

Care: Rust may be prevented by painting or oiling the piece. 

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