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June Coasters (Set of 2 - Home, Love)

June Coasters (Set of 2 - Home, Love)

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Summer afternoon lemonade or tea by the autumn moon, the June coaster set is ready to add a touch of sweet domesticity to your table. Take a moment to sit back, enjoy the drink, and the moment. 

The June coaster set is a Bidriware product made in partnership with award winning Bidri craftspeople of Karnataka in Southern India. Bidri metal-craft involves the inlay of pure silver or copper onto the surface of a cast nickel alloy and its subsequent oxidation to a rich black colour, a process that dates back to ancient Persia.

Material: Oxidised zinc alloy, Silver, Copper

Size: 84mm (Diameter) x 06mm (height/thickness on table). 

Note: Silver and copper shall exhibit a tendency to tarnish with use. This is natural and a sign of authenticity of materials used. Pieces may exhibit small marks of their handcrafted process. Images may differ slightly from actual product.

Care: Wipe clean with a moist cloth after each use. Use Silvo or Brasso to retain the original sheen of silver and copper. Rub a small drop of coconut oil to retain the black oxidised finish. Or simply choose to cherish the aged look.

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