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Banaras Pouch + Notebook (GYR)

Banaras Pouch + Notebook (GYR)

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Set of one buttoned pouch and a notebook.

Inspired by the local flavours of ancient Banaras, here is a buttoned pouch to protect and carry your favourite notebook in. 

The fabric pouch is stitched of authentic gamcha fabric that is different on the front and back, featuring an interesting crop. The fabric button is also made of gamcha fabric. The notebook is designed to fit the pouch and is bound and stitched in Banaras in the traditional Indian bahi-khata style. 

Pouch measures 5.25 in. width x 7.75 in. height. Notebook contains approx. 40 yellow leaves and is of size 4.25 in. width x 7 in. height. The crop of the checked pattern may differ from the one shown in the picture.


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