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Babademb House - Miniature Model

Babademb House - Miniature Model

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Made in Kashmir by a traditional Naqqashi artisan, Babademb house is a miniature model inspired by an actual house in the neighbourhood of Babademb in Downtown Srinagar, Kashmir.

This series of Srinagar houses may be perceived or understood in more than one way. From the designer's perspective, they are a response to the ongoing demolition of many such beautiful houses in the older neighbourhoods of Srinagar, Kashmir. While the monotone grey helps one appreciate the strong architectural details, it has been the artisan's decision to leave it devoid of decoration to communicate the gloomy greyness of the city - a result of decades of restrictions by security forces. For the Kashmiri pandit community on the other hand, the architectural style of these houses bring back a flood of nostalgia and pain.   

A limited number of houses are signed by the artisan.   

"Beyond their everyday utility & aesthetic, a craft object holds the potential of communicating the feelings of its maker, its land of origin and the people that shape the culture of its existence. The design approach for these products developed from gathered thoughts and conversations with the Kashmiri people. What if these objects could communicate more than the traditional beauty of their craft-form? It is this approach that became the focus and background of the design project."

'Srinagar Houses' is part of an ensemble of products created as part of the Commitment to Kashmir initiative supported by Dastkar, CDI and Titan Company Ltd. The products are result of a two year interaction with skilled Kashmiri craftspeople, allowing them to approach new, contemporary markets in India and the world.

Material: Hand painted Himalayan Fir Wood, MDF.

Size: 65 mm (width) x 52 mm (depth) x 130 mm (height on table) +/- 3mm

Care: Wipe occasionally with a soft moist cloth.

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