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Anonimal Wooden Figurine

Anonimal Wooden Figurine

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The Anonimal Figurine is a wooden collectible that can provide company on a desktop or watch over the home or office from a shelf. True to its name, Anonimal is not any particular animal, though it has often been likened to a polar bear.

Anonimals are part of a series of objects developed in a design workshop with skilled woodcrafters from Udayagiri, Andhra Pradesh. This craft-form is geographically indexed (GI tagged) and almost entirely practised by women artisans of a local community. The wood used is from deciduous trees that grow on hillslopes nearby.

Material: Nardi Wood (Dolichandrone Atrovirens)

Size: 125 mm (length) x 82 mm (height) x 25 mm (thickness) +/- 1mm

Note: Dimensions may vary slightly from piece to piece. The wood is unvarnished/polished and free from any chemical coatings. Pieces may exhibit natural marks of wood or the making process. Minor variations in wood colour may occur from piece to piece.

Care: Wipe with dry cloth. 

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