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A Fence in my Garden - Small Keepsakes Box - Made in Kashmir

A Fence in my Garden - Small Keepsakes Box - Made in Kashmir

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The 'A Fence in My Garden' Small Keepsakes box is designed and developed with traditional Kashmiri Naqqashi artisans. While one half of the box features a bunch of flowers (typical ornament in Kashmiri crafts), the other half features a motif of barbed/razor wire (used by security forces across Kashmir) in the traditional relief work practised by the artisan.

The idea is to subtly communicate the artisan's displeasure at the presence of security forces and barricades in every Kashmiri neighbourhood. The stationery box itself is apt storage for a set of pens or pencils.

"Beyond their everyday utility & aesthetic, a craft object holds the potential of communicating the feelings of its maker, its land of origin and the people that shape the culture of its existence. In Kashmir, an artisan's feelings tend towards displeasure, anger and unrelenting despair. The design approach for these products developed from gathered thoughts and conversations with the Kashmiri people - what if the designed object could include subtle signals of the artisans feelings? And what if these were beautiful protests communicated via the traditional beauty of the craft-form? It is this approach that became the focus and background of the design project."

'A Fence is my Garden' is part of an ensemble of products created as part of the Commitment to Kashmir initiative supported by Dastkar, CDI and Titan Company Ltd. The products are result of an year long interaction with skilled Kashmiri craftspeople, allowing them to approach new, contemporary markets in India and the world.

Material: Hand painted Himalayan Fir Wood. Matt and Gloss Varnish (Gloss varnish is only on the raised barbed/razor wire pattern).

Size: 75 mm (width) x 75 mm (length) x 35 mm (height on table) +/- 1mm

Care: Wipe only with soft dry cloth, or very occasionally with a soft moist cloth.

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