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Dewdrop Bidriware Box

Dewdrop Bidriware Box

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The Dewdrop box is an exploration of the familiar dome shape found across historic Islamic architecture and artefacts. This version in Bidriware keeps the usual Bidriware inlay ornamentation to a minimum so as to keep the focus on the rich black curves of the teardrop form. Being a classic, timeless shape, the box is an apt companion for small treasures, or simply on display as an example of the beauty of Bidriware. 

The Dewdrop box is part of a series of objects developed with highly skilled and awarded Bidri craftspeople from Bidar, Karnataka. Over the entire collection, details studied from a recorded history of Bidri objects have been re-interpreted in a modern context. 

The craft of Bidriware involves the inlay of pure silver (or other soft metals) onto the surface of a cast nickel alloy form which is subsequently oxidised to a rich black colour leaving the inlaid silver untouched and in stark contrast. The process dates back to ancient Persia and carries the globally recognised Geographical Indication tag.

Material: Zinc alloy, Silver, Copper

Size: 88 mm (diameter) x 70 mm (height on table) +/- 2 mm

Note: Dimensions may vary very slightly from piece to piece. Silver and copper shall portray a tendency to tarnish. This is natural and a sign of their authenticity. Pieces may exhibit minute marks of their handcrafted process.

Care: Avoid continued contact of outer surface with moisture/water. Silvo® or Brasso® may be used to polish silver/copper inlaid areas, though there is appreciable beauty in simply letting the effect be. 

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